Le Manio

3 1 LeManio PanoramaLe Manio contains an extraordinary Quadrilareral, a four-sided "kerb" monument whose sides are of different length. The monument appears expanding, tilted to the east by 22.3 degrees whilst within it parts of the southern and eastern sides form a four-square triangle which accurately related the the sun and moon over thre years, and whose hypotenuse points, from a solstitial "sun gate" to a grooved stone (left) and beyond that the midsummer solstice sunrise. To the south is Le Geant, a large menhir related through sightlines to other monuments such as The Alignments at Le Menec. In summer solstice 2010, my brother and I surveyed the monument to confirm it was day-inch counted as regards three and four solar year periods.

Title Created Date
Double Resonances within Three Lunar Years 13 July 2018
Preparing for Le Manio Quadrilateral, part two 09 February 2018
Megalithic application of numeric time differences at Le Manio 07 February 2018
Le Manio: How ancient maths manipulated factors 15 October 2016
Le Manio’s Three Years Count 11 November 2015
The Origins of Megalithic Astronomy at Le Manio 09 November 2015
Introduction to Le Manio's Quadrilateral: Hanging on the Moon 09 March 2014