ThornboroughHengesHenge is a circular structure with a ditch and raised ring, circular yet contrasting with stone circles though Avebury is both and Stonehenge, though its raised ring might have had a different purpose; a sort of elevated ditch. Britain's greatest henge is in North Yorkshire, consisting of three compound rings of similar size and design, but offset in a pattern some have though the belt stars of Orion. However, analysis of north western sun and moon alignments proded a different explanation in Thornborough Henge as the Moon’s Maximum Standstill that practical concerns in predicting the arrival of the maximum moonset causes the northern alignment to warn of it, the central henge full disc at maximum and southern henge the last "flash" of the setting moon. I also discuss the morphology of such rings in Henges as Models of Time as similar to other North Yorkshire henges, often of similar size, their rings (and the cursus between henges at Thornborough) appearing to be day counts (in day-feet) held as diameters relating to the Moon, Venus and nodal year.

Title Created Date
Enigmatic Earthworks of the Cursus Culture 10 June 2018
Henges as Models of Time (1) 09 March 2017
Thornborough Henge as the Moon’s Maximum Standstill 08 July 2015