Ernest McClain

The most influential Harmonist relating to my own work on the astro-harmonic code used by the ancient world within stories, texts, buildings and iconography. see also the menu: Harmonics

Title Created Date
Ernest G. McClain 1918 – 2014 29 July 2018
Harmonic Numbers of the Earth: Circumferences 28 July 2018
What McClain wrote about Agni as Tritone 07 March 2018
Danielou's India and the Tritone 07 March 2018
Distribution of Prime Numbers in the Tone Circle 13 February 2018
Spiritual Culture by Marius Schneider 25 December 2017
Feeding the 5000 as Harmonic Allegory 21 November 2017
Three Keys to the Kaaba 09 January 2017