Crucuno Dolmen 600Cucuno Rectangle stone 1In the village of Crucuno a significant dolmen stands cheek-by-jowl to a building, facing East towards a large outlier, again touching a building, and then on to a remarkable stone rectangle. These three components are found to belong together as a single  monument, counting lunar months using a sophisticated interrelationship between the lunar month and two historical measures, the Drusian and Iberian foot, both related to the megalithic yard.

Title Created Date
Double Resonances within Three Lunar Years 13 July 2018
Another Rectangle near Kerzerho 15 March 2018
Learning Metrology's approximations to Pi at Crucuno Rectangle 28 February 2018
Lunar Counting from Crucuno Dolmen to its Rectangle 24 February 2018
Educating megalith builders at Crucuno rectangle 18 February 2018