There has been a story on Welsh news that:

people from the Preseli mountains, from where the bluestones were quarried and brought to Stonehenge, had their cremated bones interred in Aubrey holes of Stonehenge 1.

  • Coast-to-coast website points out the association indicates a link but not a reason. 

 "One of the lead scientists behind the study conceded to a British newspaper that, although they cannot outright prove the connection, "there must at least be a relationship." While may now have a better understanding of who built Stonehenge, the exact purpose of the monument will likely continue to be the subject of speculation and debate. Unless, of course, scientists develop some additional way of getting into the heads of the builders."

This is highly relevant to the generally accepted theory that the bluestones were transported by the people responsible for the megaliths in Preseli mountains, a point geologically made in the early 20th century but then skeptically opposed by the unlikely idea that the bluestones were transported to Wiltshire by glacial motion. How to transport the bluestones such a long distance is an issue cut short recently when matching some bluestones at Stonehenge to some holes found in Preseli quarries. These stones were therefore moved by people, possibly by the people who quarried the bluestones but certainly by megalith builders. 

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Robin Heath (my brother) has been a longstanding developer of Stonehenge connections to West Wales and interpreter of monuments in both Preseli and Wiltshire. He noticed that the bearing from Preseli-Stonehenge formed the 13 side of a Pythagorean triangle with sides 5-12-13, whose 12 side was 240,000 astronomical megalithic yards running directly west from Stonehenge to Lundy Island, implying that Stonehenge was placed with respect to Preseli using a geometry found in the Station Stone rectangle.

6 3 KerloasToLundy Google

Above is figure 6.3 from Sacred Number and the Lords of Time in which I noted possible geodetic links between the Preseli Bluestones, megalithic Brittany and Stonehenge, part of which is Robin Heaths 5-12-13 triangle and the other the meridian from Kerloas, a large standing stone menhir on the same longitude as the Bluestones. 

If Stonehenge was started, at a given date, by people from another region: prehistory becomes a history.

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