Robin at Dolmen Llech y Drybedd 540Robin's website is at

Robin has at least two book projects on the go,

  • one concerning research into the use of geometries first seen in the megalithic by the Celtic Church's and
  • second, his local discovery of the precursor of Stonehenge in the Preseli mountains (release date 19th October)

Bluestone Press


2016: Temple in the Hills

2014: Proto STONEHENGE in Wales

2010: Bluestone Magic

2007: Alexander Thom: Cracking the Stone Age Code

2004: The Measure of Albion: Lost Science of Prehistoric Britain

1998: Sun, Moon and Stonehenge

Wooden Books

2018 Megalith: Studies in Stone

2000: Stonehenge (a Wooden Book)

1999: Sun, Moon and Earth (a Wooden Book)

Hodder & Stoughton

1999: Stone Circles - A Beginner's Guide