John NealJohn Neal is Britain's great metrologer who, alongside John Michell, brought about a resolution of the ancient system underlying Historical Metrology, a subject plagued by misunderstood irregularies and peculiar interrelationships between different historical feet, the latter often involving the low numerical ratios, such five to six. Neal saw that the northern and southern variations of the same historical measures of 176/175 was part of a larger grid employing also the lesser ratio of 441/440 (the ratio of the polar radius to the mean earth radius), which creates an array of microvariation many of which being historically attested and each having multiple uses as geometrical and geodetic ratios such as in quadrature and the length of latitudinal degrees, for example. His first book in 2000 (All Done With Mirrors) was massive in scope and challenging to digest: as John says, he reads metrology with a calculator in his hand - suggesting one has to do calculations to verify and hence understand. John's work includes many essays and pamphlets and these and some new work is currently being published in three volumes (Ancient Metrology Series) of which two are now available. Here is an impromptu conversation with John taken at Stonehenge at Solstice: