ErnestCreator of a harmonic methodology for  textual analysis based upon the harmonic numbers found within ancient texts, which numbers give rise to harmonic matrices (a.k.a."holy mountains") that give glimpses of an intellectual framework not provided directly, by the stories themselves.

He was,

  1. a musician (Clarinet) and band leader,
  2. a cryptologist (WW2),
  3. a researcher into Pythagorean and Platonic tuning systems,
  4. the author of two key books on ancient tuning theory: The Myth of Invariance (1976) and The Pythagorean Plato (1978),
  5. Professor Emeritus of Music, retired since 1982.

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Ernest McClain's work allowed the planetary matrix (see menu: Harmonics) to be resolved, from my earlier finding of musical tones between the Moon and outer planets Jupiter and Saturn in Matrix of Creation (2002). His comprehensive knowledge of ancient texts, started in Myth of Invariance, provided many of the key harmonic numbers that then relate to this astro-harmonic matrix and appears to have inspired many ancient stories. Collaboration with him (2011-14) allowed Harmonic Origins of the World (2018) to show the full planetary matrix, possible only through McClain's recovery, through Plato's cryptic clues (Pythagorean Plato) of an ancient, numerical tuning theory practiced in the Ancient Near East and elsewhere, by both oral and literate cultures.

I wrote a web application for him at and this shows how harmonic numbers can create his holy mountains.